Sunday, 31 May 2009

PeskyChloe/ Featured artist.

My Friend Chloe is a great artist. She's also a fellow northern gal like me:)
Based in Leeds, Chloe paints all kinds of subjects from food to animals to people. She has a really great style to her work, very free-spirited. She has a genius use of colour!
Below are some examples to her work

This is a painting Chloe did of 2 of my pretty kitties, Cuba and Luna.
This is a painting Chloe did of one of my dogs, Captain.

Delish Cupcakes.

Mmmmm, Cinnamon bun!

Please check out her work, I have 3 paintings by Chloe adorning my walls and they really are a treat. Chloe is open to taking on custom work too, how cool is that!

She's super nice to deal with and I love her lots so please check her out! x Chloe's etsy store Chloe's blog.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Poshplushies, Featured artist.

I found Marie, the creator of Poshplushies today on etsy and was blown away! She makes the most beautiful creations with felt, just darling!
Below are some examples of her work, enjoy!
Strawberry Cottage Pincushion
Mushroom house keychain.
Felt strawberry cottage brooch
Please check out her etsy shop:
Her blog;
That's all from me for today!

First post!

Hi there!
My name is Rebecca and I live in St.Annes, UK. I love to craft!
I have a Craft blog here; and my flickr account is here:
I've been crafting for many years now. I used to have 2 online shops, and and I had my creations in various boutiques and online shops but sadly due to illness was unable to keep up the work load.
So now I craft when I can, for fun! I also have lots of fun buying handmade goodies from friends I have met and great artists that I find online:)

I have created this blog so I can showcase and support UK crafters/artists.
I will also let you know of awesome craft/fabric shops that I find online too, based in the UK of course!
I also hope to bring artists on here to post tutorials, that would be fun, right?
There's so much I have in mind for this blog!;D

My design name is lovely little deer and I'd like to show you a little of my work;

Thanks for looking!

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