Friday, 29 May 2009

First post!

Hi there!
My name is Rebecca and I live in St.Annes, UK. I love to craft!
I have a Craft blog here; and my flickr account is here:
I've been crafting for many years now. I used to have 2 online shops, and and I had my creations in various boutiques and online shops but sadly due to illness was unable to keep up the work load.
So now I craft when I can, for fun! I also have lots of fun buying handmade goodies from friends I have met and great artists that I find online:)

I have created this blog so I can showcase and support UK crafters/artists.
I will also let you know of awesome craft/fabric shops that I find online too, based in the UK of course!
I also hope to bring artists on here to post tutorials, that would be fun, right?
There's so much I have in mind for this blog!;D

My design name is lovely little deer and I'd like to show you a little of my work;

Thanks for looking!


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