Sunday, 31 May 2009

PeskyChloe/ Featured artist.

My Friend Chloe is a great artist. She's also a fellow northern gal like me:)
Based in Leeds, Chloe paints all kinds of subjects from food to animals to people. She has a really great style to her work, very free-spirited. She has a genius use of colour!
Below are some examples to her work

This is a painting Chloe did of 2 of my pretty kitties, Cuba and Luna.
This is a painting Chloe did of one of my dogs, Captain.

Delish Cupcakes.

Mmmmm, Cinnamon bun!

Please check out her work, I have 3 paintings by Chloe adorning my walls and they really are a treat. Chloe is open to taking on custom work too, how cool is that!

She's super nice to deal with and I love her lots so please check her out! x Chloe's etsy store Chloe's blog.


pesky33 said...

thank you so much for featuring me!


UK crafters said...

You're welcome! xx

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